Willcom Sim Style is a modular cell phone system with its communication and software functions separated from the interface hardware. Its antenna, communication circuitry, address book data among other functions are all packed into a postage stamp-sized card called W-SIM. The card can be inserted into different interface hardware that typically has a keyboard and a display. Separating the technically complex communication and software from the relatively simple interface hardware enables various enterprises including toy manufacturers and fashion brands to participate in the market. Shunji Yamanaka designed the W-SIM card to encourage frequent card exchange by, for example, adding a soft rubber grip at the top of the card that provides the user with a feeling of security while handling. The TT is an interface hardware for voice communication designed for use with a W-SIM card. The design focused on comfort upon handling. The naturally fitting back curve is realized by separating the enclosed circuit board into three pieces. The DD is a device for using the W-SIM card with a PC, and it was designed with special reinforcement to provide a feeling of robustness while also being compact for portability. The product line was introduced into the market in 2005.

MATERIALS: Plastic, Elastomer resin, Brass / DIMENSIONS: W-SIM 5.6x42x4mm, “TT” 47.8x101x20.4mm, “DD” 43x54x12mm / PROJECT STARTED: May 2003 / COMPLETED: November 2005 / DESIGN AND DIRECTION: Shunji Yamanaka / INTERFACE DESIGN: Hisato Ogata / CLIENT: NetIndex Inc., Willcom, Inc.