The original Tagtype was redesigned and reintroduced as Tagtype garage kit in 2005 targeting hobbyist home engineers. It is designed with maintainability and modifiability in mind for the maximum excitement of the user. Some of the helpful design details include mounting holes for optional hardware and function-dependent circuit board modularization. Although the hardware is not yet available for purchase, its driving software will soon be available for free so as to enable enthusiastic hobbyists to start building their original hardware.

MATERIALS: Elastomer resin, Acrylic resin, Aluminum / DIMENSIONS: 140x122x52.5mm / PROJECT STARTED: April 2002 IN PROGRESS / DESIGN AND DIRECTION: Shunji Yamanaka / ORIGINAL RESEARCH: Kinya Tagawa / DESIGN ENGINEERING: Kinya Tagawa / SYSTEM DESIGN: Jun Homma (FLX STYLE Co., Ltd.) / FABRICATION: Nichinan Corp. / CLIENT: Self-funded