Tagtype is a character input device specifically designed for typing Japanese. Tagtype was originally conceived and developed by Kinya Tagawa as his bachelor’s thesis research project at the University of Tokyo in 1999 to enable a disabled writer to type better. The input method takes advantage of the 5×10 matrix structure of the Japanese alphabets and allows the user to type intuitively with two thumbs. The design was further improved via collaboration between Kinya Tagawa and Shunji Yamanaka and Tagtype has previously been licensed to Sony and Benesse Corporation.

MATERIALS: ABS resin, Elastomer, Circuitry / DIMENSIONS: 141x131x54mm / PROJECT STARTED: July 1998 / COMPLETED: November 2000 / DESIGN AND DIRECTION: Shunji Yamanaka / ORIGINAL RESEARCH: Kinya Tagawa / DESIGN ENGINEERING: Kinya Tagawa / SYSTEM DESIGN: Jun Homma (FLX STYLE Co., Ltd.) / FABRICATION: Nichinan Corp. / CLIENT: Self-funded