Asterisks are wristwatches designed for young executives in the late 1980’s when Japan was enjoying its economic prosperity at its peak. Consisting mainly of stainless steel, the luxury watches communicated its value not through precious metals and jewels like conventional watches but through the quality of work, including both industrial processes and hand craftsmanship such as the manual polishing essential for creating the finest surface contour. The reliable functional appearance of the watches were inspired by speedometers of high-performance motorcycles and sports cars favored by the target customer. The Asterisks have outlasted the Japanese economic boom to become a classic in Seiko’s like of fine watches.

MATERIALS: Stainless steel, Sapphire glass, Leather / DIMENSIONS: 47x37x12mm / PROJECT STARTED: July 1987 / COMPLETED: November 1988 / DESIGN: Shunji Yamanaka / CONCEPT WORK: Naoki Sakai / CLIENT: Seiko Instruments Inc.