Panasonic DVD Recorder was a designer’s solution to the ever-increasing problem of heat management in modern information devices. Audio-visual appliances are often stored in a tightly packed rack system out of which heated air cannot easily escape. Unlike conventional designs with a closed front panel, this DVD Recorder has an air intake in the front face and an outlet in the back. This enables air to flow effortlessly, only requiring a relatively silent cooling fan that is also pleasant for enjoying music. The device operation is communicated via internal light that is visible through the automobile front grill-like aluminum mesh. This DVD player was designed and prototyped in 2003.

MATERIALS: Aluminum, Plastic, Circuitry / DIMENSIONS: 430x265x63mm / PROJECT STARTED: August 2003 / COMPLETED: November 2003 / DESIGN: Shunji Yamanaka / PROTOTYPE FABRICATION: Nichinan Corp. / CLIENT: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.