NTT DoCoMo Business FOMA is a cell phone designed as a status symbol for the user. Traditional personal items such as watches, fountain pens, and lighters that communicated the owner’s identity inspired its metal appearance. However, instead of relying on elaborate ornamentation, the design is centered on its three degrees-of-freedom hinge that operates differently for different applications.The overall design was produced for intimacy with the user who spends a significant amount of time with the device in a physically close relationship. The cell phone was prototyped with aluminum in 2003.

MATERIALS: Aluminum, Plastic / DIMENSIONS: 51x116.4x23mm / PROJECT STARTED: August 2003 / COMPLETED: December 2003 / DESIGN: Shunji Yamanaka / PROTOTYPE FABRICATION: Nichinan Corp. / CLIENT: NTT DoCoMo, Inc.