Infiniti Q45 is the first of Nissan’s luxury automobile lineup under the Infiniti brand introduced in 1989. It marked the Japanese auto manufacturer’s major entry into the luxury car market after its success with compact cars in the 1970s. Challenging the typical luxury car designs that relied on common features such as a large front grill and wooden interior panels, the Q45 communicated luxury through new means such as the Japanese lacquer-finished (urushi) interior panels and the Japanese cloisonn (shippo-yaki) front emblem. Shunji Yamanaka left Nissan and became an independent designer after completing the Q45 project. The car has won the Japanese Good Design Award.

MATERIALS: Steel, Aluminum, Glass / DIMENSIONS: 5090x1825x1430mm / PROJECT STARTED: December 1985 / COMPLETED: January 1989 / CLIENT: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Shunji Yamanaka was a member of the exterior design team in Nissan Design Center.