Hallucigenia is a conceptual study for the future of automotive transportation. The eight-wheeled vehicle was designed and prototyped in 1/5 scale in collaboration with Creative Box Inc. and fuRo since 2002 to revolutionize the standard four-wheel one-motor configuration of automobiles. The robotic vehicle has independent control of each of the wheels and corresponding suspensions to realize unconventional maneuvers including diagonal translation, rotation, and walking. The vehicle has since appeared in various exhibitions and TV programs.

MATERIALS: Extra super duralumin, ABS resin, Acrylic resin, Fiber-reinforced plastic / DIMENSIONS: 573x331x335mm (1/5 scale) / PROJECT STARTED: June 2002 / COMPLETED: November 2003 / DESIGN AND DIRECTION: Shunji Yamanaka / ENGINEERING: Takayuki Furuta+fuRo / FABRICATION: Nichinan Corp. / COOPERATION: Creative Box Inc.